“Strawberry Fields Forever

“Strawberry Fields Forever –

The red buckets are again to found in front of many business accompanied by a pleasant person with a bell.  The Salvation Army was founded in 1865, has become an international organization that serves people of all ages with many different needs. The fund raiser activities include the red kettles, thrift shops, and online donations, with 83% of the earnings going directly to those in need.

“Strawberry Fields Forever – Why is this the title of this post?

The answer is found on the “Did you know?” page, the last entry on the page.
““Strawberry Fields Forever” in the Beatles 1966 song by that name, is John Lennon’s nostalgic reference to a Salvation Army orphanage called Strawberry Field in Woolton,England . Lennon is said to have played with childhood friends in the trees behind the orphanage when he was a boy.”

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