Business Planning

Business Planning for Small Businesses

Winter is a great time for many folks to review their business plans, even if they are not going for financing.  Goal setting and planning helps businesses become successful and grow.  The economy is constantly changing and being aware of your company’s strengths and weaknesses will give you a better chance of staying strong in any market.

A business plan doesn’t need to be complicated, unless you are applying for a loan.  There are many free templates available to choose from, or you can just do one of your own, in which case you might want to glance at some of the pre-designed ones first.

When you meet with your accountant prepare to file your taxes it’s a great time to also keep in mind all the numbers you have just looked at for tax purposes and look at them from a planning point of view.  Did you meet your goals last year?  What are your goals for 2017? How do you want to tweak them?  Your business plan can be a rewarding time if you look at all the possibilities you have and see what you need to change to enable you to meet your goals.

The following link will take you to a page where you’ll find a list of sites that provide free plans.  Free Plans List

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