Elder Abuse in NH

Elder Abuse does exist in New Hampshire.
If you think you know of a person experiencing any of the following 6 types of abuse you are, by law, to report it to the Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Physical
  • Sexual
  • Emotional
  • Neglect
  • Self-Neglect
  • Exploitation

Signs and Symptoms:
*Injuries, bruises, burns that are not explained
*Withdrawn behavior that is not normal for that person
*Not dressing in an appropriate manner, and personal cleanliness
*Health issues not being addressed, or noticeable weight loss
*Financial problems: not enough to buy food, pay bills,

What can you do?
*Visit and speak with the person often, sometimes in private.
*Watch for any of the above mentioned signs and symptoms.
*Learn who to report any concerns to.
*Help the person find the resources they need.

Ways to Protect Yourself:
*Don’t live with anyone who has a history of violent behavior or drug abuse.
*Be honest about bruises, injuries, when at medical appointments. Ask for help.
*Never share your social security number with someone you don’t know and trust.
Or your bank information, credit cards, insurance info.
*Never sign anything until you have read and understood it.  Have someone you trust go over documents with you.
*Don’t give away money you need to live on.

Call one of the following District Offices:  (Your call will be confidential.)
Berlin 1-800-972-6111 or (603) 752-7800
Claremont 1-800-982-1001 or (603) 542-9544
Concord 1-800-322-9191 or (603) 271-6201
Conway 1-800-552-4628 or (603) 447-3841
Keene 1-800-624-9700 or (603) 357-3510
Laconia 1-800-322-2121 or (603) 524-4485
Littleton 1-800-552-8959 or (603) 444-6786
Manchester 1-800-852-7493 or (603) 668-2330
Nashua 1-800-852-0632 or (603) 883-7726
Portsmouth 1-800-821-0326 or (603) 433-8300
Rochester 1-800-862-5300 or (603) 332-9120
Salem 1-800-852-7492 or (603) 893-9763

Most of this information was taken from one of our NH state websites:

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