Electric Heater Safety Tips

Many families use portable electric heaters. While they provide that extra comfort, if not used with safety in mind tragedy can result.  The following are some considerations.  Also be sure to read the literature that comes with your unit.

*Place the unit away from walls, curtains, furniture.
*Place it on a flat stable surface, preferably the floor. Tables and chairs could tip over.
*Do not place in damp or wet areas, or near potential liquid spills.
*The cords should be near the outlet, not where someone may trip on them.
*Do not place the cord under a carpet. Placing anything on it could create damage.
*Overheating of the cord or unit should be a consideration. Plug it directly into the outlet, and do not plug in other items into the same outlet. Routinely check the cord to see if it is over heating.
*Unplug the unit from the wall when you are not using it, or if you are away.
*Small children and pets should be prevented from access to the unit.

Small heaters are used in many homes and are widely enjoyed.  Just be sure to follow safety practices and not become an unfortunate statistic.

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