Fall Prevention

Cornerstone  As posted on Cornerstone Physical Therapy's Face Book Page:

A thought about exercise for the prevention of falls from Today in PT:

"Dozens of statistics support the myth that falls are a normal part of aging. Each year, one third of adults older than 65 years — and half of those older than 85 years — fall, resulting in approximately 2.2 million ED visits.People who fall experience a greater functional decline in activities of daily living and in physical and social activities than people who do not fall.Seniors who exercise not only remain stronger and have fewer falls than their sedentary peers, but they also benefit from stronger bones and a lower risk for a fracture if they do fall. Even seniors who have already experienced a fall that resulted in a serious injury can still safely participate in an intense exercise program. Exercise can also help elders manage chronic conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension, and it may delay potential disability from these conditions."


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