Healthy Dog Treats

lilyinframe  What treats do you give your dog?  Are they Healthy Dog Treats?

Like humans our pets healthy and happiness depend on the food and exercise they get.  When Lily came to live with us she had some serious digestion concerns.  Her Vet instructed us to choose from a few certain brands to feed her and to seriously limit human food.  I started to read the labels on dog food.

Most of us have very busy schedules and instead of making our family’s food from the basic products we try to choose the best quality the local stores offer us.  The goal for us may be to find some simple recipes that we can make and substitute for all the store bought items.

The recipe for these little biscuits appeared on my FB wall, along with some great ideas.  Click the following link to check it out:  Nifty Pets Healthy Dog Treats

Of course I need to add the disclaimer:  The info on this page is only an idea I like.  Be sure to check with your Vet to see if these suggestions would work for your pet.

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