Ice & Snow & Driving

The season of snow and ice conditions has arrived.  

In the news recently have been reports of ice chunks flying off the top of a car and destroying the windshield of the car behind them.  Before we leave our parking spots to travel on the road we need to clear the top of our own vehicles.

If you notice that the vehicle in front of you has ice on it, consider keeping a longer distance from to protect yourself from any ice that may fly off and hit your windshield or car. You’ll arrive at your destination a lot sooner if you’re not having to deal with a damaged vehicle.

Black ice is to be Considered 

Use caution during these months of freezing temperatures.  Keep extra distance between your vehicle and the one ahead of you.  This is a dangerous time to annoyed and tailgate. Wet roads and freezing temperatures can be challenging.

Give yourself the gift of extra time to clean off your car and travel to your destinations.

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