In Memory of 9/11

eagle-flag9/11 brings many memories for each of us. For those who lost loved ones we hope that you have been able to heal and continue on in your lives.

This is the 15th anniversary of the tragic events that took place in New York and brought a wounded country together. As we declared war on our assailants Americans came together as one nation, putting aside our differences.  We realized what we have in this great nation.  Folks, strangers, actually talked with one another in public places.  For a short time it wasn’t important if you were Republican or Democrat, your skin color wasn’t noticed.  We were all Americans. Period. And our country had been attacked.

So in memory of 9/11 let’s join together in the weeks and months ahead in standing while we sing our National Anthem,  feel the patriotism many of us were taught as youngsters and be grateful for all those who served to defend our nation and all the freedoms that we enjoy.  Yes, our government has made mistakes, we have some areas that need fixing, attitudes that need adjustments.  This will only happen if we respect each other and keep our gratitude lists in front of us. In fact, we should make this a permanent practice, not just in memory of 9/11, to keep our nation strong!

God Bless America!

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