Non-Profit organizations may receive a free listing on the site. Speak with Betty to discuss a way to make this happen.

To expedite the Listing, contact us with your organization’s information or go to the Directory and enter your information yourself.  It will be reviewed and approved shortly.

If you wish to become a “subscriber” and edit your listing yourself as often as you like there is a $75.00 fee. You will receive your own login information.

Increase attendance at your upcoming events by placing them on the NH Events Calendar page of the Just click on the “Post Your Event” button at the top right of the Calendar and enter your event information.  Please include your contact info so we may clarify any details, if needed.  Your entry will be reviewed and approved shortly.

Become a Preferred Non-Profit Member.  Raising funds for your organization is easy.  Simply hand out our literature to other area businesses.  Once two of your referred businesses establish a paid membership with us the NHGrapevine will automatically send your organization a donation of 30% of the contracts total.

After the initial two businesses have been established, we will continue to donate 30% of the contract totals to your organization for each of your additional referred businesses that list on our site.

What’s more, your organization will receive a 30% donation of the contract total per referred business each time they renew their listing with us, for as long as they list and indicate you are their favorite referred organization!

It’s a win-win situation!
Your organization raises funds while the businesses you refer increase traffic flow and revenue!

To register your organization, contact us at or call her at 603-489-3621.  Please provide us with your 501(c) information, including the organization’s complete registered name and tax identification number.  Once registered, we will provide an information package with everything you need to get started.

Listing Package


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