November’s Full Moon Super Tides

full-moon  Mark your calendars!  On November 14th the earth will be the closest to our moon that it has been since 1948, and will not be the same until November 2034, thus creating a super – super moon. Super moons occur every year to some degree. A Perigee moon occurs when the moon’s elliptical orbit around the Earth is at it’s closest distance to us and happens to be a full moon. the moon at this time will appear to be noticeably larger.

During November’s full moon super tides will occur.  For coastline residents you will notice tides that are higher than normal with no storm being involved.  During the weeks around the peak of a super moon past events have shown more weather storms, volcano and earthquake activity.


The opposite of the Super Moon, or Perigee Moon, is the Micro Moon or Apogee Moon, when our moon is the farthest away from us.

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