Pet Safety Suggestions & Links

Pet Safety Suggestions & Links

Do you have a pet? Or want one?  Do you have a pool?  Or have pets in your neighborhood?
Below are some great links for you to check out.  Are there any we should add?  Just let us know.

The FDA U.S. Food and Drug Administration has information for issues concerning our pets. Check out the following page for Animal & Veterinary Topics, Recalls and Alerts, Drug Shortages and more.

Having a pet for your family can add a lot of responsibility and care.  The following link can help you decide what pet would be your best choice and what might be involved.  It also has some fun facts, and information you may appreciate.

The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry has a page with good suggestions for pets and your children.  You’ll find ideas for choosing, caring for, and advantages of pet ownership. Definitely worth reading.

The American Humane Association has several pages for you on General Safety Rules, Choosing a Pet, Buying vs. Adopting, Pet Behaviors, Caring For…. And more.

Guide to Pet-Safe House Plants – provided by Improvenet.  House plants are a wonderful way to decorate our homes. Be sure to protect your pets with your choices.  You never know when your pet will get the urge to chew on the plant or a fallen leaf.  You’ll find some helpful information at:

Pets and house fires:  This is a great article of thoughts for your home.  Pets are typically curious and some consideration is needed when burning candles, exposed wires and puppies, placing a Pet Inside sticker on your door for firemen, and more.  I love the pictured  slide out dog dishes!

Cold weather pet safety:  American Veterinary Medical Association has a great list of thoughts for us.  Whether or not you have a pet, this information is good to know.

Warm weather pet safety:  The Humane Society of the US has a web page with information we should know.  You will also find printouts here.

Pets and Pools  – Pools and wild animals – If you have a pool, or there is a pool in your neighbor’s yard – here are some tips to keep your pet safer and your life simpler.  (As a vacation rental agent on Martha’s Vineyard years ago, I received a call from a tenant asking who to call to help the skunk out of the pool.  Not something I wanted to be directly involved in!)

Pet Hiking Safety Tips

Keep Your Dog Safe In the Summer

Fire Safety Prevention and Preparedness for Pet Owners

Dog Water Safety

Pet-Safe House Plants

Is Your Yard Safe for Your Pet?

Dog Tip: Household Hazards, Poisons, and Safety

Dog Food Expose

Dog Toys: How to Pick the Best & Safest

NHGrapevine would like to thank Jasmine Dyoco for contributing some of the above information!

Some more helpful links on the following page:

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